We are currently in a Pandemic that is uncertain & we understand that you may be concerned so here are the necessary precautions that we are taking.

  • Our Movers are working on 14 days rotations; this means that we have 2 teams that complete Quarantine every 7 days.

  • Our Movers are staying home! The only time they are out is on the job with strict precautions such as wearing masks, properly sanitising and keeping a social distance

  • Temperature checks are done everyday and anyone feeling unwell is asked to self quarantine

  • Vans are sanitised thoroughly and cleaned after every move/uplift

Precautions & Your Responsibility !

  • It is your responsibility to let us know if you’re unwell or someone around you is unwell so that our movers can make the best decisions for you as well as themselves.

  • Our movers will keep a 6ft distance from you, we request that you do the same

  • Please wear masks at all times

  • You should have the property you’re moving in to or moving out of sanitised/cleaned for everyone’s Safety – We do provide a cleaning service.


We will not be held responsible for delays or should the unforeseen happen due to the pandemic, which includes but is not limited to:
  • Being asked to return to base by the authorities on the day of your move

  • Having to cancel a move due to movers falling ill or being stopped from operating all together

  • You falling ill after the move; We can not be held liable should you fall ill from the Corona-virus after a move has been conducted, you are requested to take all the proper care and measures.

For more information call 0131 618 9095.

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