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Moving Office? You’re on the right page.

With Quality Years of the moving industry experience, we  proudly state it is our expertise. At AZ Movers we understand your relocation needs better than anyone. That’s because we have an exclusive Team just for commercial moves and office moves—dedicated to every aspect of moving your business, from planning to installation & if you’d like to discuss your removal just give us a call on 0131 – 285 – 1091 and arrange your Free No – Obligation Viewing today.

Office Moves require more services and no matter what the size of the office is 4 Desks or 50 Desks we assure a smooth and quick removal to ensure the office removal never takes more then a maximum 2 days and to add the cherry on the cake we even work Saturdays and Sundays upon request to ensure that your office is up and running on Monday.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Furniture Reinstalling
  • Long Distance Office Moving
  • Commercial Storage
  • Crate and Boxes hire
  • Rubbish Removal
  • Office Cleaning

Typical services we do provide are Dismantling/reassembling, Packing/’unpacking, Plugging/unplugging ,  Free Boxes and the obvious Office Removal.

Packing Service: 

We understand packing isn’t the usual which is why we send you Tech Savvy packers who know exactly how to pack your expensive equipment and Monitors to avoid any damage.

Unpacking will be just as simple they will put the monitors & PC’s in place for you and make sure everything is setup as you like.

Dismantling Service: 

Offices have many desks/conference tables , units and cabinets which can be awkward to move – Which doesn’t need to be an issue since our team will come a day before the removal or on the day dismantle everything to ensure a quick and easy removal so you can set up in time for the next working day which will be easy since the guys will Re assemble and place all items where you’d like them to be situated.

Long Distance Office Moving: 

If you’re moving your business outside of Scotland I am sure you are stressed, scheduling and a lot of admin work and then the down time which is caused  – which is why my team & I are here to make sure we are flexible to fit your schedule and assure that things are done in timely manner and not delayed because a business like ours understands yours ” Time is Money “.

AZ Movers has moved office 3 Times in the last 3 years, someone who can move there own office can move yours.

Rubbish Removals:

If you require office furniture/rubbish removal for your move or renovation, our complete range of office moving and storage services to help ease the transition. Our experienced team can help you coordinate the removal, storage, and disposal of your office furniture in the most efficient way.

This Clearance includes everything from desks, tables, and chairs to filing cabinets, cubicles and panels, IT equipment, shelving and other furnishings, from curtains to carpet.

Office Cleaning:

Offices just like any other property does require a deep clean after the removal, We recognise that perfect presentation and high cleaning standards can make a significant difference to your customers’ perception of your business and brand.


You should also hire AZ Cleaners after the removal has taken place to insure that the office is spotless before the next set of Hard Working People move in.

Services are:

  • Deep Clean
  • Regular Cleaning
  • Carpet Clean
  • Window Cleaning

To be able to provide a quote we will schedule a Free No – Obligations viewing and for Regular cleaning we have an hourly rate which you can found on our Cleaning Page.


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