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Long Distance Removals

Here is why it is important to look at these KEY Factors before hiring a Long distance removals company:

  1. Professionals

    We request you hire professionals for all long distance removals say; from Edinburgh to London & not ‘Private Hires’ or ‘Man and vans’ due to Insurance Purposes

  2. Reliable Movers

    Imagine you hire ‘Man and a Van’ services because they were cheap! You need to leave your property by XY Date.
    You book your movers the day before and ….. No One shows up?! YES IT HAS HAPPENED.

    Now, you either deal with the same movers and trust they come the next day OR Loose your deposit and risk finding movers last minute for your say; removal from Edinburgh to London.

    This is why you HAVE to hire a reliable company that will have back up vehicles for any mishap that may take place to ensure your removal takes place.

  3. Logistical Planning

    This is Critical! Don’t hire someone that doesn’t know what route they’ll take or how to plan the collection. For long distance removals you need to have a plan in place for each specific move as they are all different and can have different circumstances.

    There have been instances of customers paying high prices for parking & delays or even overnight stays because the movers didn’t know how to plan the move.

    The more efficient and diligent the plan is the more cost effecting it becomes & so affordable long distance removals are born.

  4. BACK UP

    I have vaguely mentioned this above but it’s very important and worth mentioning again, a company that does long distance removals or AKA ‘nationwide movers’ have to have proper back up vehicles in place and back up plan in case things go wrong that were unavoidable such as break downs, bad whether or both.

  5. Transparency

    I can not stress this enough! For AZ Movers Transparency is the best policy – we do not believe in surprise charge or Hidden costs.

    Insurance policies can be tricky which is why we are ( highly likely from the few businesses ) that sets out their policies in the easiest way insuring that the customer understand our Terms & Conditions.

    There should be nothing hidden in fine prints or charges that you were not made aware of at the time of booking that is not to say there are no variable costs.

Why Hire AZ Movers for your Long distance removal?

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You should hire us because everything we have mentioned above is tried and tested by yours truly; AZ MOVERS.

We have some of the most professional teams on board that are skilled to move all types of Pianos internationally, This tells you that we are indeed professionals.

Our prices are unmatched, we offer multiple options for all long distance removals such as:

Part Load : Flexible dates - for Single Item Removals, Student Removals, 1 bedroom Flat removals
Dedicated Trips : Works around your time table - Home Removals for 2 to 3 bedroom flats/houses
Back Loads : Flexible Dates for Delivery from Edinburgh to anywhere in the UK, applies to both.

To hire AZ Movers for a Long distance removal email INFO@AZMOVERS.CO.UK with the following information;

  • Collection & Delivery Post Codes
  • Full Inventory of items needing moved
  • Additional Requirements i,e., Do you need Storage/Packing/Dismantling?

Once we have all the information you’ll have a quotation for your long distance removal in no time!

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Type of Van:


Large Luton Van

For Long Distance Removals we use our standard Large Luton Vans to ensure maximum space is available to our customers as we are well aware that sometimes we can underestimate how much stuff we might have.

1 Full luton van can hold up to 8 – 10 pieces of furniture and 40 boxes and bags

For more information on the dimensions and loading capacity of our vans CLICK HERE.

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