Packing and Dismantling

Packing Service is the most popular service AZ Movers has due to our professional, friendly and cost effective service.
Packing Service is normally required during a removal but we also provide it if you are not moving or the company you’ve chosen is to expensive – there are many more factors as to why someone could need a packing service, there is also different type of packing services which we have mentioned below.

Prices for Packing and Dismantling:

Packers Price per hour
1 Packer £35.00
2 Packers £55.00
3 Packers £75.00

Full Packing Service:

We pack everything from the cutlery to the toiletries while you lay back and give us instructions or sip on a hot cup of tea.

– Packing Material
– Packing Antique / Cutlery
– Dismantling / reassembling
– Unpacking
– Packing Picture Frames
– Packing your belonging and Toiletries

Best: If you’re Pregnant or a very busy person or the exact opposite just very lazy this is the best service for you 😉

Semi – Pack:

A semi pack is perfect for customers who just need assistance during there packing, we send 1 guy who assists with your packing and dismantling or even unplugging of the white goods.

Antique Packing:

You’d only like us to pack your antique pictures, ornaments and cutlery for insurance and protection purposes – AZ has a great team of professional packers who will ensure that your valuables are neatly packed and inventoried.

Packing is a great service for all our prices are cost effective and the guys are friendly and don’t let you feel uncomfortable during the long packing hours.


  • If you hire us for a minimum of 4, 6, 10 hours prices drop by £5 for option 1, £10 for option 2 & 3.
  • Boxes are not included and are quoted separately.
  • Packing services are to be booked in advance and can not be requested on the day of the removal.
  • Hires are a minimum of 2 hours for all options.
  • The Packers are entitled to a 5 minute break every hour.



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